Things I am enjoying

I am going to attempt to keep this page reasonably up to date with the things that I am playing, watching, reading, enjoying. Currently they include…

Polytopia (or more fully, The Battle for Polytopia) – Brilliant iPad strategy game, in a Civilization sort of vein. Stripped back massively, so you can play a game on normal difficulty in about half an hour; genuinely free, though you can purchase different starting tribes; enough variety for decent replayability… highly recommended. – I’ve taken a couple of the free online courses recently. I’m not sure how much use they would be for serious accreditation, but as an introduction into a technical topic, I’ve found them excellent.

Grumpy Old Geeks – One of the various podcasts that I listen to and probably my favourite of the current bunch. They cover a lot of ground in internet related stuff – news, media, security, etc.. – and don’t get too political (which is why I went of TWIT a while back).

The sun – Just kidding. We got our first taste of summer a few days ago and I hated it. Stupid life-giving ball of gas.


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