Things I am enjoying

I am going to attempt to keep this page reasonably up to date with the things that I am playing, watching, reading, enjoying. Currently they include…

The Handmaid’s Tale – This series is currently showing in the UK on Channel 4. It doesn’t pull any punches in its depiction of a heavily male-dominated society, so may be difficult viewing for some, but so far (three episodes in) I would highly recommend it.

Monument Valley 2 – The first game was brilliant and the sequel is just as good. It’s not a long game, but the Escher-esque puzzles are really fun to explore.

Fidget Cube – I finally got my Fidget Cubes from the original kickstarter and they are very satisfying to fiddle with if you’re the fidgety type. At some point, I will pick up one of the super-cheap knock-offs for comparison and write a post on whether it’s worth the extra cost to get a good one.

My Dad Wrote a Porno – I only discovered this podcast recently and I’m working through the back episodes. Essentially, it involves three people reading through some truly terrible erotic literature and pulling it apart in a funny way. Well worth checking out, as long as you can stand a little smut.


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