Things I am enjoying

I am going to attempt to keep this page reasonably up to date with the things that I am playing, watching, reading, enjoying. Currently they include…

Gorogoa – A very pretty game for the iPad. It is £5 and only took 2-3 hours to complete, so it’s not the most cost effective game you could choose, but I still recommend it for its clever storytelling and beautiful scenes.

Book club – We started one at work a few months ago and it’s making me read things I wouldn’t normally. I’m just about to start Cloud Atlas… I believe the film was pretty terrible, but I’ve got to assume the book is decent enough or they woudn’t have made the film at all.

Fresh garlic – I’ve been using the pureed stuff for ages (purely out of laziness)… I used the real stuff recently and you can really tell the difference.

Twitter “Mute words” option – Not going to lie, my Twitter feed has become a lot less stressful, since I muted the words “Trump”, “GOP”, “Republican”, “Democrat”, etc…
[To be clear, I live in the UK… US news doesn’t greatly affect me and mostly just makes me angry.]

Bullet journalling – I’m really getting on with this, now that I’ve settled into the groove and figured out what works for me. See my post on the subject for the two journal variation I’ve developed.


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