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Spoiler alert…

I am a big fan of film trailers. I’m also a big fan of films obviously, but I have a real appreciation for a well put together trailer. Now, the purpose of a trailer is to get people excited about … Continue reading

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Five books I’d like to see adapted

There is a grand tradition of adapting books to different media; it’s generally a smart move, as it lowers the chance that your idea will be a dud if it’s already worked in book form. (Plus, it often means there’s … Continue reading

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Nathanael’s Scale of Plot Twistery

Pretty much everyone loves a good plot twist and, by extension, pretty much everyone hates a bad one. However, how do you distinguish one from the other… what quality elevates a bad twist and makes it good. Clearly this topic … Continue reading

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Top 5 Gunfights

Exactly what it says on the tin The Bourne Identity – Bourne vs the Professor This film is here for similar reasons to its inclusion in my top 5 chases; it was a very smart sequence that was completely different … Continue reading

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