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Bullet Journalling – a two journal variation

[Note: This post assumes you have a rough idea what Bullet Journalling involves. If not, just Google the term and you’ll find lots of great info to get you started… then come back here, obviously. :-)] I’ve always been a … Continue reading

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Batman: The Purge

I have had an idea for a crossover between Batman and The Purge (I’ve never seen either of the Purge movies… this was actually triggered by last week’s episode of Rick and Morty). This is just a rough outline, I … Continue reading

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Batman… by Julia Donaldson

One of my son’s favourite books is Stickman, by Julia Donaldson; one of his favourite superheroes is Batman. In an attempt to be efficient, I have combined the two… enjoy. Batman’s a hero; he’s bold and he’s brave. With Alfred, … Continue reading

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A Sonnet of Platonic Love

Those twenty sides; a glory to behold. In D&D there’s nothing they can’t do. Now don’t screw up on this important roll. Oh darn it all… I’ve gone and rolled a two! D6’s now, they simply are the best, Especially … Continue reading

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Nathanael’s First Law

[To my players: This post talks about some of my thought processes behind adapting adventures to our current campaign. There are no specific spoilers, but if you don’t want to peek behind the curtain, as it were, then stop reading … Continue reading

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Maybe I should Let It Go…

As predicted in my last post, I was forced to listen to the Frozen soundtrack numerous times on the journeys to and from my sister’s wedding. In addition to Let It Go, my wife is also a big fan of … Continue reading

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Why write?

I’ve been harping on about roleplaying games a lot recently and I’m aware that some people who follow this blog are probably far more interested in films, video games and other topics (I feel sorriest for anyone who followed me … Continue reading

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