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Five short games worth playing

I don’t have much time for computer games these days, so I tend to go for games with the following qualities: 1) Short – If I get a couple of two hour gaming sessions a week, I am lucky. I … Continue reading

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Top Five Phone Apps

A while back, I talked about my top five iPad apps, which could probably have been taken as my top five tablet apps, as I don’t think any of them were iOS only; today, I’m instead going to talk about … Continue reading

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Top five Opening Sequences

It is a relatively standard cinematic convention to kick off a film (particularly in the action/thriller genre) with an exciting opening sequence. This can be used for several purposes… it can immediately hook the audience’s attention; it can provide a … Continue reading

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Five reasons Frozen is a great film

I was pretty slow to jump on the Frozen bandwagon; it’s very hard to persuade my wife to watch animated movies at the best of times (ironically, for all the effort it took to get her to watch it, she’s … Continue reading

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Top 5 internet links

Ok, so that title is probably a bit of an overstatement; the internet has a lot of links and I can’t pretend that I know all of them (or even most of them). Pretty much everyone with a [Facebook/Twitter/Other social … Continue reading

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Top Five Sandwiches

Today, I’m going to take a few moments to discuss the subject of sandwiches. This is inspired by a couple of recent articles I read on the internet; one about unusual food combinations that work (it turns out that peanut … Continue reading

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Five franchises I’d like to see rebooted/remade

Very often, rebooting a franchise (or even just remaking a single film) can be a disaster; after all, we all know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, occasionally such reboots are done well and can either … Continue reading

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