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Pros and cons of shaving my head

I have been considering shaving off all my hair for a while… not quite completely, maybe just a number 4 all over or something. This is mainly because my hair gets very unruly if I don’t wash it every day, … Continue reading

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Man vs. Stuff

I have been a little patchy on my blog updates recently because I’ve been moving everything from my old (pokey, cramped) study to my new (large, majestic) study. This lack of writing has partly been because I’ve been busy with … Continue reading

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Bonus post – A weird moment in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I wanted to comment on this at the time, but was aware that some of my friends hadn’t yet seen the season two finale… then I promptly forgot all about it, until this morning. [Spoilers obviously, though not huge ones] … Continue reading

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Facebook is tracking me… and I don’t really care

So, apparently the new Facebook privacy policy allows them to track what sites you visit while you’re logged into Facebook, in order to better target the adverts you get shown. This is undoubtedly going to cause a wave of anti-Facebook … Continue reading

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How connected is too connected?

My wife regularly uses the phrase, “You’re such a geek!” when I buy some new toy or enthuse about a comic or something. She maintains that she didn’t know how geeky I was when she married me, but this seems … Continue reading

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Why write?

I’ve been harping on about roleplaying games a lot recently and I’m aware that some people who follow this blog are probably far more interested in films, video games and other topics (I feel sorriest for anyone who followed me … Continue reading

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Human extinction events… not as jolly as the acronym sounds

I read an article today that was looking at human extinction events and whether we need to be concerned. The good news is that most events that spring to mind fall into two categories: 1) Very unlikely Yes, there’s a … Continue reading

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