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Frederik Pohl’s Gateway as an RPG Campaign Setting

I recently read Gateway by Frederik Pohl and it struck me as having potential as a roleplaying campaign setting, so here are a few thoughts on the subject. The premise of the book is that humanity has discovered an outpost … Continue reading

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Batman… by Julia Donaldson

One of my son’s favourite books is Stickman, by Julia Donaldson; one of his favourite superheroes is Batman. In an attempt to be efficient, I have combined the two… enjoy. Batman’s a hero; he’s bold and he’s brave. With Alfred, … Continue reading

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Isaac James’ Favourite Book

Once upon a time there was a boy called Isaac James, Who tormented both his parents with his silly, silly games. He once got too annoying while his father tried to cook, So was banished to his bedroom, where he … Continue reading

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Why I will never write a children’s book

I make no apologies that the following will only make sense to those intimately familiar with Julia Donaldson’s writing. We have a number of Donaldson’s books in my house that are firm favourites with my son. This is fair enough … Continue reading

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We’re going on a beer hunt

The promised “Top 5 Opening Sequences” is mostly written, but this popped into my head while I was walking my son to the shops. We’re going on a beer hunt We’re going to buy a six pack What a beautiful … Continue reading

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I’ve got some reading to do

I read a short article on the BBC a couple of days ago about books and the number of them that sit on bookshelves unread ( With this in mind, I thought I would perform a quick count of my … Continue reading

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Five books I’d like to see adapted

There is a grand tradition of adapting books to different media; it’s generally a smart move, as it lowers the chance that your idea will be a dud if it’s already worked in book form. (Plus, it often means there’s … Continue reading

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