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Great British Bake-On

Like millions of others, I am mourning the loss of Great Britsh Bake-Off to Channel 4. I’ll probably watch the first episode out of curiosity, when it finally rolls round, but I can’t imagine it will be anywhere near as … Continue reading

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Business card advent calendar – midyear update

Ok, so I’m almost halfway through the year, slightly over halfway to advent, and slightly less than halfway through my advent calendar. However, I’ve found my rhythm, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be all done by the time the first … Continue reading

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Bullet Journalling – a two journal variation

[Note: This post assumes you have a rough idea what Bullet Journalling involves. If not, just Google the term and you’ll find lots of great info to get you started… then come back here, obviously. :-)] I’ve always been a … Continue reading

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The Weave – A setting for the Cypher System

A while back, I brainstormed some ideas for different variations on cyphers in different settings for the Cypher System – Ideas for cyphers in different settings. This post is an expansion on one of those ideas, though it could be … Continue reading

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Deadlands, poker and Python

Today I’m managing to combine multiple interests into one post; roleplaying, maths and programming. I’ve written a program that simulates poker hands, which I will post further down, but first a little background. For the non-roleplayers; Deadlands Reloaded is a … Continue reading

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Alexa, write me a blog post

I have had an Amazon Dot for around six months now, which I think is enough time to jot down a few thoughts on how it’s performing. I went for the Dot, rather than the Echo, because I personally thought … Continue reading

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Roleplaying in one hour sessions

Recently, I have been running roleplaying sessions for some of my work colleagues, who had never played before and fancied giving it a try. We’re too spread out to easily run an evening session, so I decided to experiment with … Continue reading

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