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Actifry – a review

We recently got an Actifry (actually, that might be a brand name – it’s the Breville version). We got this mostly to make Slimming World chips, as my wife is doing Slimming World and I am roughly following along (I … Continue reading

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Frederik Pohl’s Gateway as an RPG Campaign Setting

I recently read Gateway by Frederik Pohl and it struck me as having potential as a roleplaying campaign setting, so here are a few thoughts on the subject. The premise of the book is that humanity has discovered an outpost … Continue reading

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Minecraft for Parents

First, let’s clear up that slightly ambiguous title… This is not a post explaining Minecraft *to* parents… the Wikipedia page has a pretty good summary and you can always find videos of actual play on Youtube. I’m also not going … Continue reading

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Killer Mermaids

Every once in a while, I quite like watching a crappy monster movie… not even something so-bad-it’s-funny… just something distinctly average. Today’s offering is Killer Mermaids, which I found on Netflix while searching to see if Alien was on there … Continue reading

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How the Grinch Stole Summer

A classic tale that I’ve rewritten for those, like me, who actually like Christmas, but hate the heat. ———————————- All the Whos down in Whoville liked summer a lot. The Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville did not. The … Continue reading

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Machine rolling – Using machine learning to roll D&D ability scores

I’ve been looking into machine learning recently, partly for my own interest and partly because I suspect it will see a lot of use in my industry in the coming years. There are a couple of decent resources that I’ve … Continue reading

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Famous poems as haiku

Today is haiku poetry day (not sure who actually decides these things). For reasons unrelated to this blog, I rewrote a few famous poems into haiku and, not one to let such things go to waste, I figured I might … Continue reading

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