10 things about Nathanael:
1) A small child once pointed at him and shouted, “Daddy! Look at that giant man!”
2) There are two things he’s good at; maths and self deprecation… and he’s not that good at maths.
3) He can name all the US presidents and US states, thanks to the Animaniacs. (He can also do all the elements, courtesy of Tom Lehrer.)
4) He suspects that somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of his body weight is made up of cake.
5) His wife only realised he was a geek after they were married… he’s not sure how it escaped her notice.
6) He can also be found on Twitter (@ThatGiantMan).
7) He’s a sucker for new food products and always has to try them.
8) He has a tendency to burn badly in the sun, but doesn’t have any cool vampire powers to compensate.
9) He wanted to name his son Optimus, but was overruled.
10) He’s a D&D player, so knows how to deal with trolls.

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