Famous poems as haiku

Today is haiku poetry day (not sure who actually decides these things). For reasons unrelated to this blog, I rewrote a few famous poems into haiku and, not one to let such things go to waste, I figured I might as well pop them on here too. Enjoy. (Or don’t… it’s entirely up to you… art!)

irritating bird
disturbs man’s contemplation
and then it won’t leave

companions on beach
they make a bunch of new friends
and then they eat them

Mongol emperor
builds a fabulous palace
I forget the rest

a bird and feline
embark upon sea voyage
and then they marry

six hundred go in
cannons to the left and right
and then there were none

I shot a large bird
now damned for eternity
who you calling old?

man from Nantucket
not suitable for posting
(don’t include this one)

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