Bacon? Bac-off!

Just a short post this week, as I have a lot of other stuff on my plate.
A while back, I planned to do a Great British Bacon, where I would try different bacon recipes over a ten week period. Then I got busy and became a vegetarian, so it didn’t happen.
However, I don’t want to entirely waste the planning I put into it, so here are a couple of the things I was intending to make… in case anyone wants to try them and let me know what I’m missing out on.

Bacon and cheese scones:
This was essentially going to be adding crispy bacon pieces into a standard cheese scone recipe. I’m pretty sure that the flavour combination would have worked, plus it would have added pleasing crunchy bits to the scone texture.

Bacon pancakes:
Americans eat bacon with their pancakes, so why not bacon *in* pancakes? I figured that I would make up some thick pancake batter (American pancakes, not English), fry up some bacon bits, collect them into little piles in the frying pan, then add the pancake batter directly to the piles, letting it cook in the bacon fat. Serve with maple syrup… in theory, delicious.

Unnamed halloumi and bacon combination:
Unnamed because I couldn’t come up with a decent pun on “pigs in blankets”. Chunks of halloumi, wrapped in streaky bacon and then cooked in the oven – if I ever find a decent vegetarian bacon that crisps up properly (recommendations welcome), this is the one that I will probably still try at some point.

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