Plans for 2018

Here is a selection of miscellaneous plans I have for the coming year.

Write more
Every week, I intend to write… something. It may be a blog post (for this or one of my other blogs), but it may also be something for Dawn, something for work, or even…

Ten Little Stick Men
I’m part way through writing a children’s book, though it will be entirely unsuitable for anyone under the age of ten… twelve, maybe…
I’ll post it up when it’s done, as it’s unlikely to ever see publication (for reasons that will be apparent if you read it).

Magnetic hour glass
I saw one of these in Waterstones – ferrous “sand” and a magnet in the base, so that it produces a cool little sculpture as it falls. However, I wasn’t about to pay £20 for something I figured I could make myself for about £3. I’ll post my success or failure once I’ve made some progress on it.

Python Pandas
I’ve been enjoying learning Python over the last year, but if I want to translate it into anything remotely connected to my work, I need to start using it for data analysis and such like. I’ve heard good things about Pandas, but I’m open to other suggestions.

Deadlands Cypher System conversion
I’ve just about talked my Thursday group around to giving this a try, so there’s going to be a big push in the first part of this year to get the details ironed out. Expect a post at some point, with at least an overview of the basic conversion principles.

I have made two batches of mead over the last 18 months or so… I’m going to try and find something else I can brew with largely the same equipment. Alternatively, if I can find enough sloes, I may just make a few litres of sloe gin… because who doesn’t need that?

The usual
Naturally, I’m going to read more, eat less, exercise more, use my phone less and make absolutely no change to the number of countries I invade this year… I actually think I judged that about right in 2017.

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