Business card advent calendar – midyear update

Ok, so I’m almost halfway through the year, slightly over halfway to advent, and slightly less than halfway through my advent calendar. However, I’ve found my rhythm, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be all done by the time the first of December arrives.

First update… I abandoned the idea of making little scenes in each cube. This was for two reasons; a lack of time and a lack of scenes. I could probably have found the time by abandoning some other projects, but I simply couldn’t come up with twenty four distinct moments in the Christmas story, without resorting to unnecessary details (the wise men pack for their trip, the shepherds argue over which sheep to give Jesus, etc…)
Fortunately, the cube structure is really quite strong, so I think it will support daily chocolates without too much difficulty.

Now, onto progress pictures…
Here you can see how the cubes structure is coming together:

These show how the cladding will look:

I cut the cards for the cladding myself, so I could get some Christmassy colours. This wasn’t too much of a pain… if you were looking to make one of these calendars on the cheap, you could cut all your cards yourself, though there are substantially more cards needed for the cubes than the cladding.

Anyway, expect a final update towards the end of the year, when I’ll show the full calendar, as well as the numbers for the front.

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