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The Weave – A setting for the Cypher System

A while back, I brainstormed some ideas for different variations on cyphers in different settings for the Cypher System – Ideas for cyphers in different settings. This post is an expansion on one of those ideas, though it could be … Continue reading

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Deadlands, poker and Python

Today I’m managing to combine multiple interests into one post; roleplaying, maths and programming. I’ve written a program that simulates poker hands, which I will post further down, but first a little background. For the non-roleplayers; Deadlands Reloaded is a … Continue reading

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Alexa, write me a blog post

I have had an Amazon Dot for around six months now, which I think is enough time to jot down a few thoughts on how it’s performing. I went for the Dot, rather than the Echo, because I personally thought … Continue reading

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