The Sun is Our Enemy – A very short RPG adventure

Due to time constraints, it’s just a quick post today. This is a slightly ludicrous idea that popped into my head for a roleplaying campaign – either a single session or as an ongoing plot thread.

This would work best in a sci-fi RPG, preferably after some sort of apocalyptic event or civilisation collapse, though any sufficient timespan into the future would work.

The PCs encounter a doomsday cult that is obsessed with blowing up the sun. This could be a serious threat if they have the legitimate ability to do so or played for comedy if it is a thoroughly unrealistic goal.

Through investigation, the PCs discover that the plan to kill the sun comes from when the order was first founded, hundreds or even thousands of years previously. If the setting has time travel and such like, the PCs could actually travel into the past to discover the origins of the cult; if not, then ancient video documents could be uncovered or something similar.

The grand reveal is then that the cult was accidentally started when a ginger father taught his ginger children to hate and fear the sun and told them that it was their enemy. Thousands of years warped this message into a more literal interpretation, which the future cult intends to follow through on.

[Author’s note: This campaign is in no way autobiographical and this post does not constitute a confession to being ginger.]

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