Kids TV shows – suggested finales

It’s time for another post that is aimed primarily at those with children/nieces/nephews/a surprising knowledge of current children’s TV.
It recently occurred to me that many of the best TV series have a solid finale. Yes, there are some good series that go on and on, but the ones that really stick with you are the ones that go somewhere and then stop… Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, Avatar the Last Airbender, to name a few that I’ve enjoyed personally.
Shows for young children obviously don’t do this, as three years olds have little care for plot arcs and want something more formulaic. However, what would happen if kids shows did have finales?
[Author’s note: These shows are primarily from CBeebies and Channel Five Milkshake, as those are what my son watches.]

Postman Pat – Pat is made redundant after everything starts getting delivered by Amazon drones. However, when the Amazon mainframe achieves sentience and the drones starting killing the residents of Greendale, Postman Pat steps up to save the day.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Due to some unknown slight, the fairies and the elves are at war with each other. However, Ben and Holly fall in love and are married by Nanny Plum, in an attempt to heal the divide. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong and, as with and Romeo and Juliet ripoff, they both die at the end.

Paw Patrol – After years of solving the most trivial emergencies, the Paw Patrol finally get called out to deal with a warehouse fire. They are not even remotely up to the task and Ryder ends up trapped in the building with some of the pups. At this point, it switches to a live action ending, where we discover that the entire series was all a make believe game between a young boy and his dogs. Depending on how harrowing the studio wants to go, he either gets rescued by a fireman or dies in the fire.

Blaze and the Monster Machines – After covering most other physics concepts, there is finally an episode on E=mc^2, at which point the universe notices Blaze’s casual creation and destruction of matter and the entire world explodes.

Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures – Andy hears on the news that a meteorite is about to wipe out all life on earth. He grabs Jen and uses the magic clock to travel back in time a couple of million years, where the pair of them become the first humans.

Go Jetters – In an episode that is heavily flashback based, it turns out that Grandmaster Glitch was thrown out of the Go Jetter academy for a crime he didn’t commit. Evidence turns up suggesting that Ubercorn framed him, jealous that Glitch had achieved Grandmaster status before him. At the end of the episode, Grandmaster Glitch turns out to be a decent guy after all and is put in charge of the Go Jetters, while Ubercorn is banished to Glitch’s old ship, to live with the Grimbots.

Swashbuckle – The pirates all get horrific infections from constantly walking the plank into the ship’s mess. Gem does her best to look after them, but one by one they die off. The episode ends with a deathbed confession from Captain Sinker that she is actually Gem’s mother.

Peppa Pig – Daddy Pig gets tired of all the jibes at his incompetence and weight, so hires a gang of foxes to eat everyone. The last scene is him blissfully jumping in a muddy puddle.

Bob the Builder – An earthquake hits Spring City and causes enough damage to collapse the local economy, mainly due to the fact that almost all Bob’s building projects are completed as a one-day rush job. The second half of the episode is that bald guy from Cowboy Builders trying to track Bob down, while Melinda Messenger builds Mr Bentley a new house.

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