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Death Games – A (very) short story

Jim Jones picked himself up off the tarmac and dusted himself down. “Wow… didn’t expect to survive going through the car windscreen like that.” INDEED “I mean, normally that’s game over, right?” IT IS “Bollocks.” QUITE Jim turned around and … Continue reading

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Reputation and rumours – A mechanic for any RPG system

This mechanic came to me pretty much out of the blue and is based on the idea that as a party interacts with the world, they leave good and bad impressions on those they encounter. These then get passed around … Continue reading

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Cypher system – Pimp my ride

A couple of games and films I’ve enjoyed recently have me mulling over some ideas for a piratical, steampunk, fantasy type campaign. One of the key concepts for such a game would be the importance of your ship and the … Continue reading

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Kids TV shows – suggested finales

It’s time for another post that is aimed primarily at those with children/nieces/nephews/a surprising knowledge of current children’s TV. It recently occurred to me that many of the best TV series have a solid finale. Yes, there are some good … Continue reading

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