Pringles and…

One of my friends came across a suggestion for having Pringles with Nutella and, knowing that I’m the sort of idiot who’ll try anything, suggested I give it a try for her. I did this and then thought to myself, “Why stop there? My wife’s in bed and I’ve got quite a lot of Pringles left… let’s see what else I have lying around.”

[Note: All of these have been tested with original Pringles, which seemed least likely to clash horrifically in terms of flavours.]

Nutella – This was a pretty decent suggestion, as the salt and chocolate combo works well. If you’re wanting to dip your Pringles, as opposed to spreading the Nutella on them, you’re going to want to warm up the Nutella slightly.
Jam – Not horrible, but no real redeeming features… plus the jam was cold from the fridge, which spoiled it slightly.
Sweet chilli sauce – This was pretty tasty and a lot more convenient for dipping than the Nutella.
Golden Syrup – Wanted to try this, but remembered that I’d finished the Nutella the day before. Dammit!
Maple syrup – Had the tiniest drizzle and it seemed ok, so I went for a full dip and immediately regretted it. Definitely to be avoided.
Honey – A bit weird and not a winner, but better than the maple syrup.
Pickle – This was a solid combination, but the pickle was quite overpowering, so needed to be used in very small quantities.
Peanut butter – A solid option, if you like peanut butter.
Chocolate – I tried to melt some chocolate chips onto the Pringle in the microwave, but I ended up with some still-cold chocolate chips and a Pringle that was roughly the temperature of the sun. This brought an end to the experiment, due to the searing off of most of my tastebuds.

Two conclusions… Nutella was the best of the bunch and don’t put Pringles in the microwave.

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One Response to Pringles and…

  1. Nutella is amazing with everything! A weird one to try could be tomato ketchup (once tried it with party rings and it wasn’t too bad – think my taste buds are questionable…) I’ve actually just started a food blog, just writing wee things about dining out in places in Glasgow. Things have been tough for me over the last few years but food is something that has always brought me comfort (not necessarily a good thing hahaha). Would love it if you were interested and wanted to have a look or give me a follow, it would mean a lot.

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