Last Night on Earth – Example story scenario

This is the scenario that I ran, using my adapted Last Night on Earth rules. If you have not already read my first post here, you should do so before carrying on, as the following will make a lot more sense if you do.

I ran this game using the Growing Hunger expansion, using some of the extra boards and minis. It could be probably be adapted to use just the base set, by tweaking a few of the elements.

Pre-game prep:
Remove the following cards from the hero deck…
All guns/ammo cards and dynamite cards – These are found at specific locations in the scenario.
Two first aid kit cards – These are also found at specific locations.
All townsfolk cards – These are found after specific events.
One Lighter and Baseball bat – These are starting items for the team, just to get them going.

Remove the following cards from the zombie deck…
All cards that put down “Lights out” or “Taken over” tokens – We don’t want to deny players access to random buildings, as this may mess with the story.
All cards that add zombie spawning pits – These are pointless under the adjusted rules.
All “I’m feeling kinda strange” cards – These will be used in specific situations.

Set up the boards like this (this includes boards from the base set and from Growing Hunger).

Last Night on Earth Boards

Deal out characters to the players – these characters should all be students. Add deputy Rachelle to the “tag alongs” pool.

Place all minis in the squares marked X on the map – this is their starting point. Give Johnny the baseball bat (or another appropriate hero if Johnny isn’t in play). Give another hero the lighter.

Running the game:
Below is a description for all major events in the scenario. The text in quotes is example text that could be read out, but feel free to improvise that.
The order is given roughly in the order that the players are likely to work through the board, but if they jump around, that is not inherently a problem.
In between events, the heroes move, fight random zombies and general act according to the standard rules.
In this scenario, every time the players cross to a new board, pop a couple of zombies down at random… this just represents wandering zombies, not relevant to the plot.
If an exploration marker indicates a new hero, draw a random hero and place them in the “tag alongs” pool. Do not include Becky, Father Joseph or Jake in the random draw, as these all appear in story events.
Finally, these should all be guidelines. If one player goes off on their own and enters a building that is just going to grind things to a halt, while all the other players are at a key point in the story line, strip things back and just chuck them a couple of zombies and get on with the more exciting events.

“You’ve just gotten back to town after the big game against your neighbouring rivals. Deputy Rachelle has kindly dropped you off at the supermarket, but the town seems eerily quiet. The lights are on in the supermarket though, so you head in for some post game snacks.”

“You enter the supermarket, which appears to be empty, though there is some muzak playing over the PA. You can also hear thumping coming from the freezer at the back.” [You can adapt this text slightly if Kenny is one of the heroes, as he works at the supermarket.]
Game: Don’t put any tokens down yet or drawn zombie cards. Nothing untoward happens until they open the freezer.

Opening the freezer:
“Inside the freezer is a rather frozen looking corpse in a supermarket uniform. A couple of seconds after opening the door, the corpse’s eyes open and he lunges at you. As he does so, other dead-looking supermarket workers round some of the aisles and move to attack the rest of you.”
Game: Place one zombie in the freezer and another in every space contain a hero. Exploration markers are placed in every square of the supermarket, except the freezer. Draw zombie cards at this point.

Once zombies are dead:
“You’ve all seen the movies, so you know what’s going on here. You search the supermarket for supplies and then head out. You know that the best places to head for are the police station, to try and find out what’s going on, and the gun store, to get hold of some more significant weaponry.”

Post office:
“The post office is abandoned and dark. Nothing appears to be of value.”
Game: If the player first entering the post office can suggest any item of use in a zombie apocalypse that would be found in a post office, put down one exploration token. My player suggested stamps… he did not get a token.

Exiting the Supermarket:
“Upon exiting the supermarket, you can hear the sound of organ music coming from the church… organ music and moans…”

“As you open the doors to the church, you see Father Joseph up on the organ, playing away. A large number of zombies crowd below him, unable to get up to his position. After a couple of moments, one of them notices you, followed by others, and they turn away from the organ and move towards the easier prey.
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place 2 zombies per hero in the church, distributed to be slightly more concentrated towards the front of the church. Place one exploration marker in each square.

Church aftermath:
“With the zombies dead, the father comes down from his organ. He explains that he’s been playing the organ in order to send the souls of his parishioners to heaven, even as their bodies are left here to wander the earth. He is willing to join your group, but also suggests that he can continue his playing, which may draw some of the zombies away from you.”
Game: If the players choose to take Father Joseph along, add him to the “tag alongs” pool. However, from that point on, three zombies should be randomly placed on each board the heroes cross to, instead of two. Otherwise, the father remains at the church.

Leaving the church:
“As you leave the church, to continue on your way, you notice several zombies homing in on you. These zombies seem somehow keener… faster…”
Game: As the players leave the church, place six zombies in a rough circle surrounding them, four or five squares out. These zombies (use the red ones if playing with the Growing Hunger expansion) fight as normal zombies, but move d3 squares each round, instead of just one.

Police station:
“You enter the police station and see that the station itself is abandoned, but both the cells are occupied. In one cell is a look drifter, Jake Cartwright; in the other cell, desperately clawing towards him through the bars is Big Frank. Big Frank, who is famous in town for his incredibly thick skull, is clearly zombified and hungry. Jake notices you as you enter and pleads for you to get him out.”
Game: Drawn zombie cards. Place one zombie in the square with the cells and one exploration token in the other square. If the players release Jake, add him to the “tag alongs” pool. Doing this switches Big Frank’s attention from the bars dividing the cells, to the cell door, which starts to give at the hinges and releases Frank one turn later. Big Frank acts like a normal zombie, but has three wounds, due to his thick skull.
If the players release Jake, he passes on information he heard across the police radio; if they are clearly not going to let him out, they may hear bits of the broadcast themselves. In either case, they should glean that some folk are leaving town, meeting at the Diner; also, the school is overrun, with a small number of townsfolk trapped.

General Store:
“You enter to find the store quiet. You hear a sudden moan and look around alarmed, but see that the lone zombie, the store’s owner, is trapped behind the counter.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place one exploration marker in each square. Place one zombie in any of the three counter squares. This zombie can only move in the counter squares and attacks with one die less than normal, having to lunge ineffectively over the counter; this can reduce the zombie’s dice pool to zero dice… the zombie is only going to do any good from behind the counter if some zombie cards give him a boost.

Gun store, first sight (either exiting the general store or coming between the general store and the supermarket):
“As you approach the gun shop, you can see that it is surrounded by zombies, all trying to get inside. For now they don’t seem to have noticed you.”
Game: Place two zombies in each square adjacent to the gun store; these zombies will not move to attack the heroes unless the heroes enter their squares or otherwise attract their attention. Adjust the number of zombies, based on the items that the heroes have already found; if they’ve been unlucky in finding weapons, reduce the horde slightly… on the other hand, my players took out the entire horde with some bait and a well placed gas can.

Gun store (inside):
“Inside the gun store you find two frightened townsfolk who seem to be oblivious to the weaponry around them. You tool yourselves up… maybe you’ve got a real chance of surviving this.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place one exploration token in each space of the gun store (be kind… no sneak attacks in here). Rather than drawing cards from the hero deck, searching the gun store draws from the separate deck of gun and ammo cards removed at the start of the game. Also give the players two random townsfolk cards.

“The gym is overrun with zombies, many of them clearly dressed for basketball practice. They start lumbering towards you as you enter.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place exploration tokens. Place 2 zombies per square.

“The school is overrun, as the radio broadcast suggested. However, you see three survivors huddled on top of some lockers, kicking at the hands trying to grasp for them.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place exploration markers. Place 8 zombies distributed around the school. If the heroes managed to kill all the zombies (plus any they might have drawn in from the gym if they passed through, give them three random townsfolk cards.

“As you enter the hospital, you find it mostly abandoned, but you hear moans further in. You round a corner to find a number of zombies trying to break into the morgue; through the window, you can see a nurse trapped inside.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place exploration markers on all squares, including the morgue; these function normally, except the one in the morgue… this gives the heroes two first aid kits, instead of the usual draw fromt he hero decl. Place four zombies of one colour surrounding the morgue; place seven zombies of a different colour roughly between the players and the morgue (depending on which door they enter by). The zombie surrounding the morgue will ignore the heroes unless the heroes enter their space; the others will attack as normal. The heroes have four turns to kill the four zombies trying to break into the morgue (adjust this time if the heroes are particularly well or ill equiped); if they do so, Nurse Becky will join the “Tag alongs” pool, but if they fail then the zombies manage to break in and Becky is devoured.

“You find the diner full of well armed men and women, you appear to be readying themselves to leave town. Their leader tells you that they don’t have room to take you with them, but for $10000 they will give you some of their surplus supplies.” [If the players question why they want money, the group assumes that things may not have gone to hell everywhere yet; if they can get ahead of this thing, money will still be worth something.]
Game: Draw zombie cards. There are no search tokens, but if the heroes return with the four money tokens from the bank, they will receive any spare guns they didn’t get at the gun store, a couple of first aid kits and a couple of sets of dynamite. Feel free to adjust this slightly, based on the size of group and how well equiped they are already. You can also add a turn limit on how long the group will remain at the diner; if the turns run out, the heroes return to find it empty.

“You open the doors to the bank to find it full of zombies… apparently they got trapped, unable to work the ‘pull’ doors from the inside. The bank itself is in chaos, with loose cash spilled all over the place.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place two zombies on each square of the bank. Place one money token on each square of the bank; money tokens can be picked up by searching.

“As you approach the cornfield, you can see a huge meteorite has crashed landed amongst the corn. It is glowing green, giving the field a strange otherworldly light.”
Game: As soon as a hero enters the board with the cornfield, place the meteorite play piece in the cornfield. If any of the heroes move adjacent to it, give them an “I fell kinda strange” card.

“The barn is empty and abandoned.”
Game: Nothing occurs, though feel free to slap down a couple of zombies if you feel it appropriate.”

“The farmhouse has signs of a struggle, but no signs of a break-in… you wonder if this is where this whole thing began.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place exploration tokens in both squares.

When the players first step onto the manor house board: “As you pass by the old Peterson place, you hear a single gunshot ring out inside.”
When the players enter the manor: “You enter the manor to find old man Peterson sitting in an armchair, with a dead zombie as his feet. His face is pale and he has clearly been bitten, but not yet turned. He explains that he was busy enacting a plan to take out all the zombies, when this one snuck up on him. The plan is still viable, but he will need the heroes’ help. He planned to rig the house to explode, using barrels of gasoline from the gas station, then to lure the zombies in close and set it off. If the heroes can get four more barrels of gasoline from the gas station and place one in each of the rooms, the trap will be set.”
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place four exploration tokens around the manor house. From this point on, you should increase the zombie presence in the game; don’t try to overwhelm them yet, but for each zombie they kill, another should appear round a corner a few squares away. Basically, start to ramp up the pressure as they move towards the finale.

Gas station:
“As you enter the gas station, you see the barrels that old man Peterson was talking about. They look pretty heavy, but they should be moveable.” [Obviously, adjust this if they visit the gas station before the manor house.]
Game: Draw zombie cards. Place three or four zombies in the junkyard or nearby. Place a barrel token in each square of the gas station. Heroes can pick up or drop a barrel as a free action. On any turn that they choose to move a barrel with them, the following rules come into effect until the start of their next turn; they move one square less than normal (minimum 1), they skip the ranged weapon phase and they cannot use any items when fighting zombies (though they can use cards from their hand as normal).

Once the heroes have retreived the four barrels from the gas station and placed them in the house, read the following:
“Old man Peterson is fading fast, but he should hold on just long enough to see his plan through. He tells you that you need to draw all the zombies to the manor house, then once they’re surrounding it, he’ll give you time to escape before he blows them all up.”
If the players decided to leave Father Joseph at the church, that’s where almost all the zombies will be found. If they took the priest with them, the zombies will be scatterered a little more around the lower three boards.
The heroes must draw the zombies towards the house, using themselves as bait. Once they have attracted the attention of the zombies, they should retreat slowly towards the house, ensuring that they don’t retreat too quickly and lose the zombies. Use the majority of the zombie figures to make up the growing zombie horde; the players are welcome to take pot shots at these zombies, but any zombies they kill are immediately added to the back of the horde… the figures represent a small fraction of the overall numbers. Save a couple of zombies to engage the heroes on their way back to the manor house; these zombies approach from random directions and if the players are having an easy time of it, they could be fast or tough zombies.
Once the heroes have drawn the zombies within sight of the manor (use your judgement on this), they should retreat inside, at which point you read the following.
“You retreat into the manor and you hear the zombie horde draw up outside and start pounding on the doors. You find old man Peterson exactly where you left him, but as you approach, he lunges at you with dead eyes. You quickly put him down, but are left with a quandry… you now need someone else to set off the explosion.”
The players need to pick one hero to stay behind and set of the explosion. Once they have decided who it will be, explain the final rules of the scenario to them. The hero remaining behind, must stay within the centre four squares of the manor house, to be within reach of the detonator; all the other players are attempting to get off the board containing the manor house, before the hero with the detonator is killed. No matter what turn you were up to when the heroes entered the house, begin with the zombie turn as they break in through the door and windows. Ensure that all routes out are blocked by multiple zombies, so that there is not simply a clear run for the heroes to exit. The zombies should split their efforts between the escaping heroes and the one who is staying behind. As soon as the hero with the detonator is killed, he or she sets of the detonator as a last dying action and the scenario is over. Any heroes off the manor house board are safe; any still on the board are killed in the explosion (if in the house) or flying debris (is outside the house).

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