Pros and cons of shaving my head

I have been considering shaving off all my hair for a while… not quite completely, maybe just a number 4 all over or something. This is mainly because my hair gets very unruly if I don’t wash it every day, which I’m apparently not really supposed to do… something to do with essential oils, I think. (As opposed to non-essential oils?)
Anyway, because I am a logical chap, I have considered the pros and cons carefully. I present them here, in case anyone else is having the same dilemma.

Pro: Hair won’t be crazy and unmanageable.
Con: I will likely spend hours just stroking my head as it will feel all fuzzy.

Pro: Saves the cost of a haircut.
Con: Not contributing to the GDP is probably unpatriotic.

Con: Will need to shave face more often, as stubble will be more obvious.
Pro: Easy fancy dress option as Walter White.

Con: Head will get cold in the winter.
Pro: No hat hair from wooly hat.

Con: Head will burn in the summer.
Pro: No hat hair from sun hat.

Con: Might terrify son.
Pro: He’s more likely to wake his mother in the mornings.

Pro: Might look badass.
Con: Might look like an alien.

In conclusion, it’s pretty much a wash… but since a wash is essentially what I’m trying to avoid, I think I’ll go ahead and shave it off.

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1 Response to Pros and cons of shaving my head

  1. kevinhunt says:

    Go for it! I haven’t paid for a haircut in 15 years. Just run the clippers over my head on Saturday mornings, and I’m off!

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