Batman: The Purge

I have had an idea for a crossover between Batman and The Purge (I’ve never seen either of the Purge movies… this was actually triggered by last week’s episode of Rick and Morty). This is just a rough outline, I have neither the time nor the talent to take it further, but I present it here for your enjoyment anyway.

Early chapters – Crime rates in Gotham are going up. In order to try and do something to stop them, the city implements a purge law (for those unfamiliar with the movies, this is one night per year where all law is suspended and people can get out their criminal urges, theoretically leaving them more law abiding in the rest of the year). After the law is passed, human rights lawyers argue that the inmates of Arkham Asylum have just as much right to participate as everyone else, as the law is specifically designed to allow people to purge their criminal desires. Bruce Wayne obviously opposes the original law and this additional development, but to no avail; the inmates of Arham will be released at sunset on purge night, with implanted trackers, so they can be picked up immediately, once the sun rises.

Main bulk – Several notable villains are released and team up to try and enact revenge against Gotham; the police aren’t allowed to intervene on purge night, so Batman is the only person who can stop them. The stakes are higher, as the various villains can openly cause mayhem and kill civilians without consequence. There are also some tough moral choices for Batman, as this is the one night of the year that he could permanently take out some of these villains and no one would bat an eye. Eventually he wins the day, probably doesn’t kill anyone and Gotham is safe again.

Short epilogue – An exhausted Batman finds The Joker sitting on a deck chair, drinking a beer. Batman asks him why he’s not out causing trouble… it seems like it should be a busy night for him.
Joker: Really? The city’s in chaos. There’s nothing left for me to do, except sit and watch it burn. You spend all your time chasing down us “supervillains”, but those you save are just as bad.
Batman: The streets are still safer with you off them.
Joker: If that’s the case, kill me right now… make the streets safer.
[Panel with no dialogue. Side shot of Batman looking down at the Joker, in his deck chair.]
[Next panel – Batman and Joker in same positions, but silhoutted against the rising sun, with sirens in the air.]
Batman: Maybe next year.
Joker: I’ll drink to that.

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