Coffee and donuts


A few posts back, I spoke about my subscription to Pact Coffee and how it was a tasty step up from supermarket bought stuff. I recently upgraded my coffee further by get myself an Aeropress coffee maker and thought I’d share a couple of observations…

Technically, this is probably the fastest coffee making option I’ve come across, short of a full on machine. That said, the best water temperature is apparently about 80 degrees, so that takes a little waiting if you want to follow that advice.

The first cup I had was a little odd, as initially it just seemed like anaemic coffee. However, with my second cup I realised that what I took to be lack of flavour was actually the lack of acidic bitterness that strong coffee can often have; the coffee was smooth and flavourful, without needing to scream “COFFEE!” at me. It should also be noted that the Aeropress has provided the first espresso I’ve been able to drink without need for milk or sugar to hide the sharpness.

If you already have your coffee brewing apparatus, it’s hard to say whether you need to upgrade, but if you’re looking to buy a stovetop or a cafetierre, I would certainly suggest getting an Aeropress instead.



Another slight update on a previous post, where I discussed things that I tried in my waffle maker. Those were all things that I had to hand, but I have now had time to deliberately purchase items for the express purpose of “waffling”.

Donuts – These work really well in the waffle maker. In addition to warming them up (always good), it gives them a slightly sticky, crunchy texture, which is delightful.

Puff pastry – This crisped up beautifully, but it needs something for flavour. A little Nutella between two slices of puff pastry would work well, I suspect.

Cookie dough – You could make your own, but I just grabbed the ready made stuff. This works very well in the waffles maker; faster than the oven and you get a nice “crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle” texture. Recommended.

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