Isaac James’ Favourite Book

Once upon a time there was a boy called Isaac James,
Who tormented both his parents with his silly, silly games.
He once got too annoying while his father tried to cook,
So was banished to his bedroom, where he sat and read his book.

About a fearsome dragon and a helpful little girl.
The dragon’s name was Zog and the young girl was Princess Pearl.
They were soon joined by Sir Gadabout, which made their number three,
So they figured that they’d try and play their favourite RPG.

About a future world, all filled with weird and random tech,
That caused the PCs headaches as they wondered, “What the heck?”
The weirdest thing they found was hidden in a secret nook;
It could have been a death ray or it could have been a book.

About a shoe-less cop, who took the baddies on alone.
(It is a book, I promise, though the film is better known.)
His limo driver, unaware, was parked up down below,
And with big stuffed bear, he sat and watched his favourite show.

About a massive nerd, who somehow got himself a date,
But his game of Elder Sign ran on, which made him rather late.
He didn’t have her number and he then forgot her name,
So he went back home instead to play his favourite video game,

About a San Andreas car thief (don’t know his name; I haven’t looked),
Who aspired to be a badass, but alas his player sucked.
A policeman threw him into jail as soon as he was caught,
And then sat down to read a rather odd police report.

About a naughty boy called Isaac,
Who would not do what he ought.

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