Waffling about waffles

I bought a waffle maker recently. This was ostensibly for making waffles, but I was stuck for something to write about tonight, so I thought I would test out its versatility. Tonight I started with mainly bready products, primarily because those are what I have lying around the house; in the future, I may do some of meat and veg test when I have more time to prepare.

Scotch pancakes – Nothing special here. The ones I was using were too thin to even get much of a pattern on them; I suspect big fat pancakes might fare better.

Potato cakes – A surprising success. The waffle iron solved the major complaint I have with potato cakes (which is that they are floppy and stodgy) by crisping them up in a way that the toaster never has.

Potato waffle – I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea. It cooked the waffle, but that was about it. If you’re looking for a convenient way to cook potato waffles, the toaster does a better job.

Crumpet – This produced a weird texture as it squashed the air out of the crumpet before crisping it up… not convinced.

Hot cross bun – This made too many crumbs to be a serious step up from the toaster. Plus, if anything, the waffle pattern made it harder to butter.

Spiced Muffin (English breakfast muffin… not an american one) – This fared better than the hot cross bun, as there were less crumbs, but it had much the same issue with buttering it.

Overall, with the exception of potato cakes, there was nothing here that wouldn’t have been better off in a toaster. However, I couldn’t finish this off without mentioning cinnamon rolls, which I tried cooking in the waffle maker the other night and which were delicious. I have also heard rumours that puff pastry is amazing when ‘waffled’… watch this space.

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