Monument Valley

Just a short post today, to recommend a game called Monument Valley for the iPad (and Android, I believe).

It’s a puzzle game primarily; you have to guide a little girl through a series of paths with moving parts, buttons and obstacles. However, the unique element of the game is that the paths all wind through strange Escher-esque buildings, where perspective is everything and flipping or rotating a path can connect two platforms that were previously not on the same level, or even the same orientation.

In addition to the straightforward puzzle elements, it also feels like a piece of interactive art. There is quite a zen vibe to it; the backgrounds are simple, but attractive in their own way; the joy of solving a puzzle is as much about the beauty of the geometry, as the pride in seeing the solution.

It’s not a cheap game – £2.99 currently – but I’ve spoken before about relative cost of iPad games; as long as I get at least 40 minutes of enjoyment out of it (which I certainly did), it’s no more expensive than the cinema.
Anyone who enjoys puzzles and clever mechanics (particularly anyone who enjoyed The Room) would do well to check this out.

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