Man vs. Stuff

I have been a little patchy on my blog updates recently because I’ve been moving everything from my old (pokey, cramped) study to my new (large, majestic) study. This lack of writing has partly been because I’ve been busy with the move itself and partly because it’s hard to get in the mood for writing when there is stuff piled all over your desk/keyboard.

Despite the fact that I am moving into a bigger study and therefore I could technically keep everything if I wanted to, I decided to use this opportunity to clear out a lot of things that I didn’t need. Every single item had to be carried downstairs, so it was a relatively simple system to either carry it to its new resting place or to carry it to the bin.
Some things were very easy to divest myself of; a USB floppy disk reader is pretty useless when you don’t even own any floppy disks. However, some things actually required a momentary burst of additional willpower to throw out… here are a few examples that may responate with some people.

Box of miscellaneous cables:
Imagined scenario: I’m doing something with my computer that needs a particular cable and luckily I happen to have one.
Reality: All the cables I need are already connected up and new components generally come with required cables anyway.
Action: All gone, bar one spare ethernet cable… just in case.

Several lever-arch files of training Notes:
Imagined scenario: I’m doing some programming and need to look up some obscure piece of syntax that I rarely use.
Reality: All the documentation is online and there has been a major version update since I learned the language.
Action: All gone, along with the ghosts of seven trees that were haunting them.

Shelf of old PC games:
Imagined Scenario: I might actually want to replay some of my old games.
Reality: I barely have enough time to get through new books and TV shows, without revisiting old games that probably don’t run on my system any more.
Action: Mostly gone. I did keep one or two that I genuinely enjoyed… at least until I get a new PC and they don’t run either.

Drawer of chargers/adaptors/power packs:
Imagined scenario: I find a bit of technology that needs power and I dig out the correct adaptor.
Reality: None of the adaptors are labelled and I didn’t find any unplugged devices while clearing the study.
Action: Kept three adaptors, providing a decent range of voltages and currents, and binned the rest.

Overall, it felt a bit wrong throwing all this stuff out, but now that it’s irretrievably gone, I actually feel quite good about the whole endeavor. I can heartily recommend a good clear out of anything that you’ve not used in the last three years… except fitness equipment, of course… definitely going to use that this year.

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