Facebook is tracking me… and I don’t really care

So, apparently the new Facebook privacy policy allows them to track what sites you visit while you’re logged into Facebook, in order to better target the adverts you get shown. This is undoubtedly going to cause a wave of anti-Facebook complaining to sweep the internet and in part I agree with it; why should Facebook be allowed to know what else I do with my time?

However, at a more fundamental level, I really couldn’t care less. As long as Facebook aren’t passing on personal information, such as my email address (though I wouldn’t object to a little more variety in my spam folder… it’s all Russian girls at the moment), I have no problem with them gathering information to make adverts more relevant. This is for two simple reasons…
1) Relevant adverts are presumably better than irrelevant adverts.
2) I scroll straight past the adverts without looking at them anyway.

One day, I’m sure Facebook will overstep the mark and start to use everyone’s personal photos for nefarious schemes or something; the day that happens, I’ll certainly stop using it and move all my photos to Tumblr, Flickr or some other site with a missing ‘e’. However, while they’re just messing about trying to fine tune something that I plan to ignore completely, I really have other, more immediate things to worry about, like doing up the house or clearing out the garage… or fact that my son has gone suspiciously quiet and may be eating my donuts. Cheerio.

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