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Pact Coffee – a review

I’m not a crazy caffeine fiend – I tend to mainly drink green tea and herbal infusions – but I have gotten into the habit of having a proper coffee each morning (‘proper’, as in ‘not instant’). Until recently, a … Continue reading

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Why I will never write a children’s book

I make no apologies that the following will only make sense to those intimately familiar with Julia Donaldson’s writing. We have a number of Donaldson’s books in my house that are firm favourites with my son. This is fair enough … Continue reading

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A Sonnet of Platonic Love

Those twenty sides; a glory to behold. In D&D there’s nothing they can’t do. Now don’t screw up on this important roll. Oh darn it all… I’ve gone and rolled a two! D6’s now, they simply are the best, Especially … Continue reading

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Man vs. Stuff

I have been a little patchy on my blog updates recently because I’ve been moving everything from my old (pokey, cramped) study to my new (large, majestic) study. This lack of writing has partly been because I’ve been busy with … Continue reading

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Bonus post – A weird moment in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I wanted to comment on this at the time, but was aware that some of my friends hadn’t yet seen the season two finale… then I promptly forgot all about it, until this morning. [Spoilers obviously, though not huge ones] … Continue reading

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Facebook is tracking me… and I don’t really care

So, apparently the new Facebook privacy policy allows them to track what sites you visit while you’re logged into Facebook, in order to better target the adverts you get shown. This is undoubtedly going to cause a wave of anti-Facebook … Continue reading

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