They call me… Mister Teresa!

It seems like every other month has some cleverly named charity drive associated with it, so I thought to myself, “Why limit it to every other month… let’s have something for all of them.”
With that in mind, here is my charity schedule for the year.

Granuary: Find an old person who feels unwanted and make them feel useful by giving them some housework to do.
Fe-brew-ary: Make some beer and give it to a homeless person who can’t afford to buy their own.
March!: Support our soldiers by marching everywhere… except, you know, if it’s too far and you’d rather use the car.
Gaypril: Help stamp out homophobia by exercising your right to gay marriage. (I’m pretty sure marriages on April 1st aren’t legally binding, right?)
iMay: Promote good grammer by using, “May I?” instead of, “Can I?” when the situation demands it.
Dune: Go to the beach every day… for charity or something… I don’t know.
Ju-lie: Protest against government corruption by refusing to tell the truth for an entire month.
Borgust: Charity Star Trek New Generation marathon!
Sextember: Oh yeah. 😀
Spocktober: Charity Star Trek Original Series marathon!
No!vember: Refuse to jump on the Movember bandwagon and keep your top lip hair-free in support of male pattern baldness.
d10-ber: Play a D&D game and give 10% of your treasure to charity. (That’s on top of any existing tithes, before you paladins get any ideas.)

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