My New Year’s Resolution

Pretty much everyone on Facebook (I’m sure there are a few exceptions to prove the rule) will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that my Facebook friend list is not well named. ‘Facebook acquaintance list’ maybe? ‘Facebook contact list’ perhaps? However, I would be hard pushed to seriously label everyone on my list a ‘friend’.

There are people on my friend list that I haven’t spoken to in years; there are people on there that I haven’t spoken to ever (in person, at least). There are people who I was friends with at school; there are people I wasn’t really friends with at school. There are friends of my wife, friends of my friends, friends of my parents. There is a household heating appliance, that I believe was given a Facebook account as a joke.

This seems like a terribly sad state of affairs, so I have decided that during the course of 2015, I will message every single one of my Facebook friends (with the possible exception of the heating appliance) to say hello. I don’t expect everyone to respond in any significant way… I would be highly surprised if more than half reply at all. However, I hope to potentially have a few interesting conversations and maybe change a few people from “friends” to friends.

Wish me luck.

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