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Top Five Phone Apps

A while back, I talked about my top five iPad apps, which could probably have been taken as my top five tablet apps, as I don’t think any of them were iOS only; today, I’m instead going to talk about … Continue reading

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They call me… Mister Teresa!

It seems like every other month has some cleverly named charity drive associated with it, so I thought to myself, “Why limit it to every other month… let’s have something for all of them.” With that in mind, here is … Continue reading

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Predictions for 2015

As has become traditional at this time of year, I have made a few predictions about the year ahead. January – Just like 2014, nothing sufficiently memorable will happen to make this any easier next year. February – Hornby fights … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution

Pretty much everyone on Facebook (I’m sure there are a few exceptions to prove the rule) will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that my Facebook friend list is not well named. ‘Facebook acquaintance list’ maybe? ‘Facebook … Continue reading

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