Well, I’m back

Kudos to anyone who recognises the title of this post as a (semi) well known last line.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything; life has been getting in the way of creative pursuits. Busy projects at work, building work at home and an increasingly opinionated child have left me at slightly low ebb (and what remaining creativity I have, has been funnelled into my @DocChimpenstein Twitter account and my current Numenera Campaign).
Still, things are turning around, my new man-cave is approaching completion, I have more days off than days at work during December and I am returning to my blog with renewed vigor.

Before I return in full force next week (Top 5 Opening Sequences is my planned topic), a quick round up of where I am with various endeavors that I’ve talked about in previous posts:

Numenera Campaign (GM) – Since starting this campaign, the scope of it has ramped up rather significantly. However, I think I’ve got all my pieces in place now, so my players can start making connections and driving it forwards. Look forward to some discussions on the pitfalls of including timetravel in your campaign.

D&D campaign (Player) – We are currently on the second level of the Temple of Elemental Evil, which is excellent, though I’m starting to feel I may have made a mistake in creating this particular character (who would probably be better suited to a more varied campaign and a less violent party). Should he perish heroically, I have a more interesting and appropriate character gestating in my brain.

Tasting challenge – Ages ago I said I would taste every spirit on my shelf and present the results. This has not advanced as quickly as I might have hoped, so it will probably be a job for next year.

Candy Crush – I go through periods of playing a lot and periods of playing very little. However, I have reached level 450 without spending a single penny or bothering anyone on Facebook, so I’m fighting the good fight.

Pebble – My Pebble is still awesome.

Well, that’s it for today. Proper service resumes next week.

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