Top Five Sandwiches

Today, I’m going to take a few moments to discuss the subject of sandwiches. This is inspired by a couple of recent articles I read on the internet; one about unusual food combinations that work (it turns out that peanut butter, gherkin and maple syrup does indeed make quite a decent sandwich filling) and another one about a woman whose boyfriend said he would propose after she made him 300 sandwiches (I’m considering suggesting to my wife that she can have a second child after she makes me 300 cakes).
Anyway, here are my top five sandwiches:
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, smoky bacon and mango chutney:
I came across this sandwich at a lovely little tea room in Cheshire and it has been a favourite ever since. For maximum points, the bacon should be nice and crispy.
Cheese, tuna, mango chutney (again) and cucumber:
This is my preferred option when it comes to toasted sandwiches. The sweetness of the mango chutney offsets the savoury tuna (no mayonnaise, incidentally) and the cucumber provides a pleasing crunch to it.
Roasted vegetable, grilled halloumi and sweet chilli sauce:
This originally started off as a sandwich, but eventually morphed into a full meal, with cous cous instead of bread, because it was just easier to eat that way. Still, the original sandwich is excellent, if slightly messy.
Thick white bread, plenty of butter and Original Pringles… not exactly classy, but there’s something very moreish about this crunchy, salty sandwich.
Sausage, egg and potato waffle:
This is a multi-layer sandwich, so let me take you through it in detail… bread, butter, sausages, BBQ sauce, bread, butter, potato waffles, salt, fried eggs, butter, bread. It is perfectly possible to pick up and eat this sandwich, assuming you’ve got sturdy bread and big hands.

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