Best/Worst children’s songs

I’ve not got much time to write this week, as my parents are visiting. However, I thought I’d take two minutes to share my favourite and least favourite children’s songs. I don’t actually know most of the songs that my wife sings to my son, as she used to work in a nursery, so knows all the moderns ones, while the ones I know are half remembered from my childhood. As a result, I listen to most of these songs with a fresh ear, rather than a nostaligc one, and there are some that are definitely better than others. Here are the best and worst…

Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop,
Just let your feet go clippity clop.
Your tail goes swish and your wheels go round,
Giddy up, we’re homeward bound.

The problem with the song? What horse has wheels? Stupid song.

Best [With actions]:
Tall shops in the town. [Arms in the air]
Lifts go up and down. [Hands up and down]
Doors open, round about. {Hands side to side]
People going in and out. [Hands forward and back]

I heard this one for the first time today and immediately spotted that the hand actions perfectly describe a three dimensional coordinate system with orthoganal axes. Sneaking geometry in young… I approve.

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One Response to Best/Worst children’s songs

  1. Helen says:

    I like your worst song!! But I don’t know the best one, I’ll be expecting a performance on Saturday 🙂 xx

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