Spoiler alert…

I am a big fan of film trailers. I’m also a big fan of films obviously, but I have a real appreciation for a well put together trailer. Now, the purpose of a trailer is to get people excited about the film itself, which can occasionally be a problem, when the trailer shows a bit to much of the film and slightly spoils it. The most common examples of these spoilers fall into two main categories:
1) The trailer spoils the main plot twist – This is just utter stupidity on the part of whoever put together the trailer, occasionally to the point that you’ve got to assume someone got fired.
2) The trailer contains all the good bits – This is really annoying, particularly when you fall for it, but you can’t fault the producers for trying to make a rubbish film look appealing.

However, I’m going to talk about a third category of spoilers that really annoys me, which is when a trailer reveals one epic moment that should have been left as a surprise for audiences. These are not plot twists, amusing jokes or cool one-liners, as in the categories above, but instead are moments of pure spectacle that would be amazing if seen for the first time in the context intended, but are instead spoiled by a partial shot in the film’s trailer or promotional material.
Here are some that really annoy me:

1. Darth Maul’s double ended lightsaber
The Phantom Menace was not a good film. However, it’s still Star Wars and so a lot of geeks, myself included, rushed out to see it. One of the things that geeks love is lightsabers and the revelation of Darth Maul’s double ended one would have been a genuine moment of joy if it hadn’t been revealed long before the movie was released.

2. The truck flip in Dark Knight
This was a magnificently put together sequence, designed to keep the audience guessing as to what Batman’s doing until the moment that the truck flips over (even the Joker has a slightly perplexed look on his face). The sheer audacity of it would have shocked everyone, had there not been a spoiling shot of it in the trailer.

3. Iron man’s suitcase suit
This is going to start sounding repetitive, but this is yet another cool moment spoiled by the trailer… at least they didn’t spoil the Mark VII suit from Avengers.

4. Bullet time
This is one that I actually saw without having been spoiled and therefore the bullet time sequences were mind-blowing. However, I’m sure other people were not quite as blown away, given that almost every bullet time shot in the film is also in the trailer.

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