TV show pitch

One of the podcasts I listen to did an episode recently, where they presented TV show pitches involving five existing characters (not actors) from other shows/games/etc…
They’re always happy to hear from listeners (I’ve even had a couple of emails read out), so afterwards I sent in my own pitch, which I’m actually quite proud of, so I shall present here for comment.

Show pitch – The History Channel presents If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Touch It

The show follows a crew trying to put together a series of history documentaries; done in a mockumentary style, with a mixture of regular action and actual footage from their shoots. Each episode visits a particular location (Incan temple, Egyptian pyramid, etc..) and starts off as a regular history documentary, until the crew accidentally trigger an ancient doomsday device or anger the natives or whatever. The rest of each episode involves them getting out of the situation, while still trying to produce their planned documentary.

My five characters basically make up the documentary crew:
Lara Croft – The money. Insists on coming along to oversee the spending, but has skills that come in useful each week.
Willow Rosenberg – The researcher. No one else knows she’s a witch, so she has to use her magic subtly when no one’s looking.
MacGyver – The cameraman. Responsible for keeping the equipment maintained and disarming Aztec deathtraps with a paperclip.
Howling Mad Murdock – The transport. Good at getting the crew on location… even better at getting them out again.
Penny from Big Bang Theory – The presenter. Very often the cause of the problems, but fails to realise anything is amiss – “… and local legend states that if you stand on this exact spot and speak Quetzocoatal’s name, he will rise from the earth and… oh hey, an earthquake…”

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