A few updates…

In the absence of anything significant to talk about today, I thought I’d provide a quick update on a few of my past blogs.

Candy crush – I first mentioned Candy Crush a few months ago, in a sort of review about my bewilderment over it. I then made a passing reference to the fact that I was rage playing it to spite the King company. I have now reached level 215 and have still not spent a single penny or bothered anyone on Facebook about it.

Celebrity crush – As part of a tangent, when talking about X factor, I mentioned my top five celebrity crushes. I hadn’t put any major thought into that list at the time, so here is a more considered one:
1. Alison Brie
2. Kat Dennings
3. Olivia Wilde
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Felicia Day

Hard tack – My hard tack is now ten months old and still edible (well, as edible as it ever was).

Modern Day League – In my last post, I mentioned the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which is one of my favourite comics. Something that regularly gets discussed on the internet is who would make up a modern day league; here is my submission. (Note: This is a group that is in keeping with the original comics – flawed individuals, not stand up heroes.)
Black Widow (Marvel universe)
Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
Thomas Raith (Dresden Files)
Mr Bennett (Heroes)
Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Top six movie stars – A while back, I listed my top five movie stars… I’d just like to add Benedict Cumberbatch to that list, for his epic U2 photobomb.

More things my son will play with in preference to his toys – Buttons on the Wii, buttons on the PS3, saucepans (much better than his toy ones), the freezer, chairs, the potty, the bin, mugs, watches, my shaver (not playing exactly, he actually tries to shave with it), pens, the contents of my pocket (generally while they are currently in there), his food, my food, anything that will fit down the toilet.

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