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Fibre, fibre everywhere, but not enough to eat

As a general rule, I am quite open to doing things that will make me healthier; if there is a reasonable amount of evidence that something will make me live longer, I’m certainly going to consider it. Obviously, I don’t … Continue reading

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Spoiler alert…

I am a big fan of film trailers. I’m also a big fan of films obviously, but I have a real appreciation for a well put together trailer. Now, the purpose of a trailer is to get people excited about … Continue reading

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TV show pitch

One of the podcasts I listen to did an episode recently, where they presented TV show pitches involving five existing characters (not actors) from other shows/games/etc… They’re always happy to hear from listeners (I’ve even had a couple of emails … Continue reading

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A few updates…

In the absence of anything significant to talk about today, I thought I’d provide a quick update on a few of my past blogs. Candy crush – I first mentioned Candy Crush a few months ago, in a sort of … Continue reading

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