Five franchises I’d like to see rebooted/remade

Very often, rebooting a franchise (or even just remaking a single film) can be a disaster; after all, we all know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, occasionally such reboots are done well and can either re-vamp a franchise that has lost its way (e.g. the James Bond films, that had gotten really stupid) or simply update a perfectly decent series for a new generation (e.g. the new Star Trek films).
Here are five series that I would like to see re-done in a respectful way.

Indiana Jones
I’ve heard that this may be in the works, so we’re starting out strongly. The original Indiana Jones trilogy (let’s just forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) are excellent films, but the special effects have not aged well. I’d love to see a new set of films with a younger Indiana Jones (not an aging Harrison Ford) that captures the same feel as the originals, but with 21st century effects.

Broken Saints
A bit of an obscure one, Broken Saints was a web series that was delivered primarily through still images with dialogue and such like overlaid. The story itself was fantastic and it would be a great piece for either a live action or fully animated remake.

Not a series because the first film was so terrible that no further ones were made. The books are really quite good, so I’d love to see someone take another shot at this and do it well.

The concept was a good one and the first film still holds a certain cult status, but the effects were terrible, as was the fight choreography (supposedly Christopher Lambert was so short sighted without his glasses that he just waved his sword around and the other actors were told to hit it with theirs). This would be a great choice for a reboot, with or without wire-fu… I’m pretty easy on that one.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Again, not a series; again, the first film was so terrible that it killed the franchise before it started. Here’s an idea for a reboot… just adapt the comics themselves! The first two comics (I’m not so keen on the later stuff) were fantastic, full of interesting characters and derring do. Recent comic book films have shown that we can handle comic book heroes who aren’t squeaky clean, so don’t pull any punches and give us the League as they were first depicted.

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