Top Five Things That Have Slightly Annoyed Me

I’m going to have a bit of a whine today (because my last post on the extinction of the human race was far too upbeat). I am sure that all of us have encountered things in our lives that have really annoyed us. Some of them might have been legitimate annoyances, while others may just have caught us at a bad moment.
Today I am going to present some of the things that have annoyed me disproportionately to their actual effect on my life. Hopefully by getting them off my chest, I may be able to let them go… or not.
Milk going over £1
We used a lot of milk in my house when I was growing up and most days I would be dispatched to the supermarket to buy four pints of it (I did this happily, as I enjoyed the walk). My Dad kept a tub of £1 coins on his windowsill for this sort of thing, which was very convenient, until milk went up to £1.02 and I had to start finding additional change… it annoys me to this day.
My wife leaving the grill pan on the top shelf of the oven
I have lost count of the number of times that I’ve opened the oven to put something in it, only to find the grill pan in there. I then have to put down whatever I’ve got, find an oven glove, move the grill pan to the bottom of the oven and replace it with what needs cooking. Fortunately, she has stopped doing this now and our marriage is safe again.
The change of character in the middle of Fingersmith
Fingersmith is an excellent book that I would recommend to anyone. When I first read it, it was back at university when I had time to read for hours without interruption; I had gotten some real momentum up, I was very into the story, things were coming to a head, there was suddenly a massive twist in the story… followed by a complete change of perspective and we don’t find out what happens to the other character for a couple of hundred pages. Noooooooooooooooo!
Missed opportunities in English
This is something that didn’t annoy me at the time, but as I’ve gotten older, I look back at some of my creative writing assignments and really wish I could re-write them. This is not because they were bad (in fact, I was fairly reasonable at English), but because I can see, with my adult perspective, how I could have made them awesome. I constantly find myself thinking, “I could have written such a good death allegory for that piece,” or, “I could have written that as an epic self-referential parody.” Stupid past-Nathanael, with his poorly developed creative abilities.
Over-zealous wardrobe management
I used to have a T-shirt that I really liked, with the slogan, “404 Error: Slogan not found”, but I got rid of it some time back, after it got a bit snug. Annoyingly, with my recent weight loss, it would probably fit again now. (I did give it to a charity shop, so I can at least console myself that there’s potentially a very nerdy looking hobo out there somewhere.)
Now that I’ve got those off my chest, if anyone else would like to share, feel free… we can have a little group therapy session together.

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