Top 5 iPad apps

I love my iPad; if I ever wrote a blog called “top 5 anythings”, the top three would probably be:
1. Wife
2. Son
3. iPad
(Possibly followed by:
4. Alison Brie
5. Halloumi)

I use my iPad for all sorts of stuff – work, play, organisation, reading – and I’ve acquired a veritiable cornucopia of apps over the years. However, despite the title of this post, I am not actually going to list my top five apps, since I use the same ones as everyone else; Evernote, Goodreader, etc…
Instead I am going to present two top fives:
Top five offbeat apps – The apps that aren’t really that useful, but are conceptually nifty.
Top five games – If you don’t understand what this is, maybe you’re not ready for an iPad.

Top five offbeat apps:
Selector – Many a decision between my wife an I has been made with this app… often involving who gets to lie in on a Saturday.
Dicenomicon – I’m not a big fan of dice rolling apps, as I prefer the feel of rolling actual dice. However, this is a well presented app, with plenty of options to program up any possible dice algorithm you could desire.
i3D – Completely useless, but a great showcase of an interesting idea; it tracks the movements of your head and allows you to view a selection of 3D objects from different angles.
Soundrop – Another app with no practical use, but it’s quite pleasing when you manage to come up with a cool sounding sequence.
Living Earth – Technically a weather app, but really just a very pretty way to look at the earth.

Top five games:
The Room/The Room 2 – One (well, two) of the most gorgeously presented puzzle games I’ve seen.
Osmos HD – A subtle game, requiring care and patience… very pretty too.
Papa Sangre – A game navigated entirely via audio cues; some of the most nervous gameplay I have ever experienced.
Duet – Simple concept, challenging gameplay, massively addictive.
World of Goo – The gameplay is fun and varied, but the subversive sense of humour is what really elevates this game above similar ones.

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