Top Five Drinks

Perhaps a a bit of a whimsical one today, but I am going to discuss some of my favourite drinks. Now, it should be noted that I have tried to drill down to very specific drinks for this. While, for example, I quite like wine, not every wine is going to be top five material (in fact, some are terrible), so I don’t want to generalise.
Anyway, here are my top five drinks:

Toffee apple – I’m pretty sure that was what it was called. It’s a cocktail that I encountered at university; Amaretto, Butterscotch Schnapps, apple juice and a dash of lime. It basically tastes like pudding in a glass and is terribly drinkable (terrible for your wallet, that is).

Hot milk, rum and toffee sauce – I came across this after buying some quite nice toffee sauce and then going, “Erm, right… what do I do with this?” It turns out that what you do with toffee sauce is put it into hot milk, with a splash of spiced rum, to make a delicious bedtime drink.

Strawberry milkshake – For a long time, I really liked McDonalds strawberry milkshake. However, I eventually discovered that, while McDonalds milkshakes are still ok, there are some vastly superior attempts out there. The top two, in my opinion, are the ones in Pizza Hut and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen; GBK just edges the victory for serving theirs in something that vaguely resembles a vase and contains enough milkshake that you probably don’t actually need the burger.

Hot Spiced Apple – Over Christmas (at least, I’ve never seen it previously), Costa started making a spiced apple drink as part of their festive menu. I love apple drinks and this is a mighty fine example – far nicer than most of their coffee.

Strawberry Ribena – It has to be cartons or bottles (their strawberry cordial isn’t quite the same) and needs to be fridge cold. I loved this so much as a child, I often bought it instead of sweets (though, equally often it was in addition to sweets).

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