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How to play Chaotic Neutral, not Chaotic Asshole

I have recently had to stop going to my Thursday night D&D group, as real life has intervened and I don’t have the time any more. Most recently we have been playing through the old 2nd edition Dragonlance adventures, which … Continue reading

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Top 5 iPad apps

I love my iPad; if I ever wrote a blog called “top 5 anythings”, the top three would probably be: 1. Wife 2. Son 3. iPad (Possibly followed by: 4. Alison Brie 5. Halloumi) I use my iPad for all … Continue reading

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Settlers of Catan 101

Whether you’re a rank newbie, looking for advice, or a grizzled veteran, interested in my cardinal rule for playing Settlers, here is my advice to you… always make sure you have grain. One of my friends tweeted a picture of … Continue reading

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Finally, an excuse to stop dieting

It has not been a great week for my diet. My birthday has ended up sprawling across several days, partly because my son bought me his body weight in chocolate as a present and partly because I’m so weak willed … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of 2nd edition D&D

A few months ago, my Thursday night gaming group switched from 4th edition D&D to 2nd edition. I was a little concerned at first, as a lot of issues have been fixed since 2nd edition and I thought it might … Continue reading

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Top Five Drinks

Perhaps a a bit of a whimsical one today, but I am going to discuss some of my favourite drinks. Now, it should be noted that I have tried to drill down to very specific drinks for this. While, for … Continue reading

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