Five books I’d like to see adapted

There is a grand tradition of adapting books to different media; it’s generally a smart move, as it lowers the chance that your idea will be a dud if it’s already worked in book form. (Plus, it often means there’s a fanbase already in place, so that’s some guaranteed revenue straight off the bat). However, it’s pretty hit and miss as to what gets adapted and what doesn’t; any series that becomes well known enough is usually a safe bet, but even then there are some notable absences (the Artemis Fowl books seem like they should have gotten a film series by now). Anyway, here are the books (plus one comic series) that I would like to see get picked up at some point.

Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson – This book is ripe for adaptation… the characters are interesting, without requiring hours of character development; the setting is cool and there are several good set pieces and action sequences; it would be fairly straighforward to trim the length by discarding a lot of Stephenson’s trademark essays and asides. It’s a prime candidate for a big budget Hollywood adaptation.

Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon – This would make a terrible film, but could potentially be an awesome TV series if it got some money behind it. It’s actually been bandied about the American networks for years and I recently heard that someone new has picked it up… I’m really hoping it goes somewhere this time.

The Long Walk by Stephen King – This would be a tough one to adapt, as it’s almost a pure character piece where the characters do very little apart from walk and talk. Not one for Hollywood necessarily, but it would be ideal for a debut director with a small budget – adapt it straight, make it bleak and it could be a solid piece of cinema.

Anything by Matthew Reilly – Anyone who has read any Matthew Reilly books will know that they pretty much read like action movies anyway. I’d just like to see one adapted, to see how it came out on the big screen.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Obviously we’ve had the films, but what I’d really like to see is a computer game. However, I don’t want a follow-the-plot-of-the-books computer game, I don’t even want to see Katniss present in it… I want a pure simulation of the hunger games themselves. You’d choose stats and skills for your character or have them randomly assigned (on easier difficulty settings you’d have more skills, representing a career tribute), you can choose your arena or have it randomly assigned, equipment and weapons are always random, then away you go. The gameplay would have sufficient depth to allow you to choose your own strategy (stealth, straight up attack, keeping out of the way and letting the others fight it out) and by playing different characters/arenas/strategies, the replayability would be pretty good.

Bonus pick: Deadlands by Pinnacle Entertainment – A bit of a cheat as it’s a roleplaying game, rather than a book, but I’d love to see Deadlands adapted into pretty much anything… film, TV series, video game, whatever.

So there you go, those are what I would like to see sometime in the next few years. Feel free to comment with what you’d like to see.

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