New Year’s Resolutions

I hate doing things at random times; if I’m going to start a diet, I’ll do so on a Monday morning; if I’m going to get out of bed, I’ll wait until 7.45, rather than do it at 7.43. With this in mind, New year’s resolutions make perfect sense to me… why would you start doing something new on the 31st of December, when you could start on the first of January?

Anyway, I have a number of resolutions this year, which I am embarking upon with varying levels of optimism, and I thought I’d expound on a couple of them here. (Some of you are probably saying, “Stop wittering on about your personal life and tell us your top five awesome cameos”… maybe in the new year some time.)

1) Devote two hours per week to productive nerdity – I devote any number of hours each week to unproductive nerdity (gaming, reading Penny Arcade, watching Star Wars), but from January onwards, I plan to spend at least a small amount of time doing more productive things, like learning python or getting some actual use out of my Raspberry Pi.

2) Genuinely start dieting – My son has an excuse for getting heavier; I do not.

3) Be a better husband – Obviously, I’m already an awesome husband, so this might be tricky. However, the occasional exasperated noises I hear from my wife suggest that maybe there is a slim margin for improvement.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got four days left to eat chocolate, while reading science fiction and ignoring my wife… I want to make the most of them.

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