My top five Youtube videos

Every day there are probably tens of thousands of videos being uploaded to Youtube; some few hundred of them might be quite good and a handful might go viral and be shared around Facebook like a bad cold. However, most of these are transient; hilarious (epic, poignant, whatever) at the time, but quickly forgotten. Today I present the five videos that I still go back and watch every once in a while… the ones that, at least for me, have stood the test of time.

Mortal Kombat is not a Tournament – – He has some very legitimate points.

Tetris God – – I have been crushed by the whims of this god many a time.

D&Debate 1 – – All the PHB PSAs by these guys are great, but the D&Debates are particularly good (1, 2 and 4 would be my recommendations).

Flight of the Bumblebee, performed by Yuja Wang – – The woman can play.

Daft Bodies – – Daft hands was the original, but I came across this one first, so it tends to be the one I return to.

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