My year in review according to Facebook

So, I was browsing Facebook a few minutes ago and noticed a big button that offered me my year in review… “Look back at your 20 biggest moments from the past year”. Curious what those moments were, I clicked on it and was treated to an intriguing selection of items from my last year’s worth of Facebook. I’m not entirely sure what criteria Facebook used to determine the size of these moments (many had a large number of likes, but certainly not all of them), but I can at least confirm that there were twenty of them, so that’s something.

Anyway, looking back over my year as presented by Facebook, I can make the following observations, which I thought I would share in absence of anything more interesting to write about at the moment. Some are more interesting than others, but I guess that’s what happens when you let Facebook dictate your topic for the evening.

1) Dressing your child up for a funny picture is always worth the hassle.
2) I don’t need to go on Jeremy Kyle for a paternity test to know that Isaac is mine, I just need a baby photo.
3) If I were in some sort of horror movie right now, the surprise villain would definitely be a muslin square, lurking innocently in every photo of Isaac.
4) Even though I haven’t done the 30 day shred for months, my hatred of Jillian Michaels can be rekindled at a moment’s notice.
5) The horse meat scandal was rich with comedy gold.
6) Isaac was much easier to take photos of before he could move.
7) I really need somewhere to put my six foot tall inflatable t-rex on a permanent basis.
8) I am incontrovertibly a geek.
9) I am incontrovertibly unfit (the last two may be linked).
10) My diet would be going much better if I actually stuck to it.
11) I downloaded an app to make stop motion videos and never actually got round to giving it a go… a project for the new year?
12) We still have a cardboard house in the garage that I made. It needs to go to the tip.
13) Isaac once fit in a suitcase, laid straight… not any more.
14) Calpol is a magical elixir.
15) I actually looked alright with a beard (though I hated having it).
16) I really need to read The Long Walk again.
17) Isaac has far too many toys and it’s only going to get worse over Christmas.
18) Dawn has never seen Star Wars… she’d understand more of my Facebook posts if she had.
19) I haven’t played my clarinet in a very long time and should probably keep my hand in.
20) I’m just a figurehead in the Cockburn household. Dawn is definitely the power behind the throne.

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