Five films I’m embarrassed to admit liking

I had real trouble coming up with a title for this post, as I’m not really embarrassed to admit liking these films, as such (I’m about to do so on the internet, after all), but I sort of feel I should be. The films I am about to list fall under the following criteria:
1) Not generally well received.
2) I still like them.
3) I can’t really defend why I like them in a constructive manner.

These are not films that have merely been overlooked by the general public; something like The Emperor’s New Groove does not belong here because, while a lot of people may not of heard of it and some people may not like it, I can still defend its smart script and off-beat humour. This is also not a list of films that have simply polarised opinion; a lot of people didn’t like the new Star Trek film, but there’s nothing particularly controversial about being in the group that did. These are the films where I might be the only person in a group that liked them and I can’t really give a good reason why.

1) Suckerpunch – This is a prime example of a film that chooses style over substance and usually I’d condemn that (everyone else did), but instead I just really enjoyed the style.

2) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – The plot makes little sense (even to those who’ve played the game) and the second half of the film is basically one 45 minute long action sequence, but my inner teenager is so excited by seeing Cloud and Sephiroth smacking each other around that he really doesn’t care.

3) Die Hard 4.0 – In some ways this is probably the least controversial entry, as it wasn’t universally panned, but was just thought to be a bit average. Where the embarrassing (heretical?) confession comes in, is when I say that I actually like this one better than the third. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the third… I just love the fourth even more.)

4) The Spongebob Squarepant Movie – What can I say? I’m a giant man-child.

5) Next – This film is a little different to the others on the list; those were sub-par films that I really like, but this is a truly terrible film that merely don’t hate. The plot is almost non-existent, the CGI looked horrendous when it was released and is an absolute joke now, Nicolas Cage was on lower form than usual… there is really nothing to recommend it. However, the central concept (how many neat ways can two minutes of precognition be used?) is cool enough that I overlooked it’s flaws and came away not unhappy.

So that’s it. Cowards, you may now feel free to troll me; those braver amongst you can instead admit your own embarassing cinematic loves.

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