My problem with pop music

I should emphasise that this is *my* problem with pop music, not *the* problem with pop music. I respect people’s right to listen to whatever makes them happy; the only thing I don’t respect is people who listen to stuff they’re not really interested in, just because it’s “in”… what’s the point in that? Anyway, moving on…

I recently came across a statistic (I don’t recall if actual numbers were quoted or if it was just a general comment on a trend), which stated that a lot of parents have stopped singing nursery rhymes to their children and now sing modern pop songs to them instead. This saddens me somewhat, as it probably means that traditional nursery rhymes will be lost within a couple of generations, but it also mystifies me a bit, as I can’t imagine that many modern pop songs sound that good when sung a cappella.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that modern artists can’t sing (get on Youtube and search for ‘Lady Gaga Howard Stern’ to check out her performance of Edge of Glory… she’s got a lot more talent than I’d given her credit for), but I do think that a lot of pop music detracts from the voices by having too much backing. I’ve noticed this in particular with The X Factor – some of the acts have so much going on that I can’t tell if they gave a good vocal performance or just an average one. This is the reason that I love acts like Abi alton so much; when it’s just her and a piano, you can actually hear her voice. (It’s also a brave way to perform, as the audience will notice every imperfection, unlike some of the groups who can get away with the odd bum note if the other singers carry them through.)

There’s obviously no real solution to this problem. In fact, there’s not even a problem as far as the music industry goes… pop music makes lots of money and if it ain’t broke, why fix it? I guess this is just my explanation to future Isaac, as to why he has grown up listening to all sorts of music that his school friends have never heard of and why Daddy won’t let him listen to One Direction in the car.

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