Pffft… who needs teeth.

Hello there loyal readers,

Some of you may be asking how I know you’re loyal; I’m basing that primarily on the fact that you’re still with me after over a month without any new posts. (A smaller number may be asking how I know you’re readers, which is pretty obvious really.)

Anyway, I can only apologise for my not-so-brief disappearance; things are exceedingly busy at the moment and time for writing is in short supply. However, the elapsed time does allow me to revisit one of my earlier posts as a kind of warm up to getting back into the blogging groove.

My hard tack, that I made back in May and wrote about in August, is now a little over 6 months old. I have been keeping it to see how well it ages… and because I don’t currently have anything else to put in my Companion Cube cookie jar… and also in case of zombie apocalypse. Anyway, last night I gave it a little taste and it is exactly as edible as it was six months ago, which is to say, not very, but still pretty good for what is basically a six month old biscuit.

In other news, the apple that has been sat on my desk at work for the last two weeks hasn’t held up well at all, though it would certainly be easier to eat than the hard tack.

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