Top 5 movie stars

If I were to pick my top five actors/actresses based on pure talent, it would probably be a fairly safe list and not that interesting, so here is a list of movie stars that I like for non-talent related reasons.

Samuel L Jackson – The man is a talented actor anyway, but the main reason I love Samuel L Jackson is that he’s willing to do random bits and pieces that are based off his own cult image. Here is a perfect example (NSFW) –

Nathan Fillion – He’s better known for TV roles, but he’s done a few movies, so qualifies for my list. The reason that he makes it (aside from his proximity to Joss Whedon, who is also great) is that he is an absolutely master of deadpan humour, which I really enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence – I thoroughly approve of Jennifer Lawrence because despite being a big star, she seems to be extremely normal and well adjusted. Certain young pop stars could do with taking a leaf out of her book.

Alan Rickman – What can I say… the man makes an epic cup of tea.

Vin Diesel – I’m not particularly a fan of Vin Diesel movies (Pitch Plack being the significant exception), but he plays D&D and the game definitely needs more celebrities like him to help challenge the typical nerd stereotypes.

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